Do you comply with the new EU Data Protection Regulation?

This check covers the key areas of personal data security in the proposed EU Data Protection Regulation. It is provided to help companies identify anticipated areas of non-compliance in advance of the Regulation coming into force. Find out if you are GDPR ready!

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Course Overview

Staff awareness forms a large part of the regulation. That’s why you need to arm yourself and your staff with the information they need to make significant strides towards compliance.

At Absolute Networks we offer the vital staff training and awareness that your business needs.

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Module 1 - Overview

What is data protection?

Who does GDPR apply to?

What does GDPR apply to?

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Module 2 - Principles

Principles of GDPR



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Module 3 - Rights

Individuals Rights

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Module 4 - Responsibilities

GDPR Responsibilities

Breach Notification

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Preview our GDPR awareness course for Organisations

Our GDPR course is designed to make your learning experience as easy as possible.

The course provides you and your staff with key facts about the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation.

More importantly, it also provides your company with a complete online audit trail as standard, so you know who has completed the training and passed the test.

So why risk a substantial fine, when you could get your business up-to-date and ready, right now?

Making the right decision

Making the choice on such an important matter as GDPR training can be difficult. We have a series of Frequently Asked Questions that we feel will make your decision easier, with open honest answers that ensure you have a full understanding of how your organisation and staff can benefit from this course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and is intended to harmonise Data Privacy Laws across Europe and to protect all EU citizens and their personal data. GDPR is enforceable from 25 May 2018, at which time organisations who are not compliant with the new regulation will face heavy fines.
We have developed a first of its kind GDPR Awareness Course. Carried out entirely by digital learning methods, our course is proven to improve the learning of its students; whilst also minimising loss of staff productivity through classroom time.

Every employee who comes into contact with data is required to conform with GDPR.
Our course is designed to give organisations and their staff help to protect the data they hold on individuals within the EU and become GDPR compliant.
Proven to improve the way people learn, this first of its kind E-Learning course provides everyone with the time they need to complete the course and gain a proper understanding of GDPR. For organisations, the two most important things to consider when training staff are the costs and time involved.

We have developed this course to ensure that both factors are minimised. By utilising E-Learning, the cost of classroom training is instantly removed. The time taken to complete the training is dramatically reduced, with no need for staff to spend time out of the office and in the classroom.

Additionally, allowing staff to go back and ensure they have understood each section is invaluable when compared to classroom training, where key facts may be missed.
There is no formal qualification or accreditation offered by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). The ICO require the nominated Data Protection Officer (DPO) to disseminate key areas of knowledge pertaining to GDPR to all staff members. Our course has been written by a qualified DPO, ensuring that the recommended knowledge is included.

Rather, everyone taking this course finishes with the knowledge required to protect personal data, whilst performing their role, ensuring that their organisation remains GDPR compliant. At the end of the course, everyone who passes the test receives a certificate to show that they have the core understanding required of GDPR, whilst the organisation can demonstrate the accountability that is required of them by GDPR.
One of the ways in which an organisation can demonstrate compliance is by showing urgency in training their staff. Awareness of GDPR within an organisation is a requirement and upon an audit, you must be able to demonstrate that you have trained your staff.

With the free inclusion of a Learning Management System, you can not only ensure your staff have completed their training and passed the test, but also demonstrate during an audit that you have ensured your staff are aware of the regulation and what it entails. No other training course can offer this level of tracking.

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